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Delivering Broadband as a Civil Right in Los Angeles

Creating a more equitable Los Angeles means bold systems change

Over the last year, the Committee’s Internet Action Team formulated a report to provide a blueprint for how leaders in the county and its diverse municipalities, communities, civic institutions, and businesses can work together to deliver internet equity in Los Angeles.

We’re releasing the first-of-its-kind Policy Blueprint to achieve digital equity in broadband access for Los Angeles. Let’s make broadband a civil right in Los Angeles County!

The blueprint focuses on actionable recommendations so that everyone in the County adopts broadband service by 2027 and everyone has the means to access high-quality, fiber-based internet services at affordable prices by 2040.  

The three main objectives of this report are: 

1. Universal Adoption: By 2027, all L.A. County residents will be connected to broadband service of at least 100/20 Mbps for $30 or less per month. 

2. A Fiber Future: By 2040, every L.A. County resident has the means to access, afford, and adopt fiber-based broadband service. 

3. Sustained advocacy: Elevate and grow an ecosystem of community advocates focused on broadband equity to end the digital divide.

Now is the time for bold action to ensure broader access to unleash the potential of all Los Angeles residents and businesses! 

If you Missed the Connecting Communities Countywide Webinar you can watch the recording here:

About Us: The Internet Action Team (IAT) is a working group of the Committee for Greater L.A. The IAT is comprised of leaders from government, civic, philanthropic, tech, economic development, education, and health sectors, including academics, practitioners, and business and community leaders. Members have met over fifteen times since Spring 2021 to propose solutions for broadband equity for L.A. County.

Take the pledge for broadband equity on our website: