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Take The #InvestInBlackLA Pledge

Take the Pledge for an Equitable Los Angeles

By making the #InvestInBlackLA Pledge you are joining your name to the many Angelenos who have committed themselves to creating an equitable Los Angeles for its Black residents

This is a wake-up call to stand in solidarity with one another,

Value Black lives, treasure immigrant families, declare homelessness unacceptable and more.

The intersectionality of this work is critical.

We are all interconnected, and we must move forward together without being limited by current systems or structures.

This is a launching point,

a milestone in a much bigger journey: an opportunity to lay out a new way to approach problems in our region: with data as the most important measure of success.

Join us in making a pledge to build a more equitable Los Angeles.

Learn how you can help make that promise a reality.