• We propose a sweeping regional agenda for system change.

  • The independent report, a collaboration of the Committee for Greater LA, USC’s Equity Research Institute and UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs and funded by philanthropy, includes 10 guiding principles addressing areas from housing, economic justice and mental and physical health to youth voice, immigration, and the role of the nonprofit sector.

  • Those accompany dozens of major policy recommendations ranging from establishing high-speed internet as a civil right; promoting “California citizenship” to ensure equal access to services for all residents, regardless of immigration status; and a regional Housing-for-All strategy to end homelessness in Los Angeles, among many more.

  • In addition to No Going Back’s stark moral charge to repair an unequal society, its practical dimensions serve as a radical economic development plan that would restore the more than $300+ billion in annual GDP that Los Angeles loses every year due to systemic racial disparities, as calculated by the Equity Research Institute at USC.