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Black Experience Action Team

Ending Anti-Black Racism in Los Angeles

In September 2020, the Committee for Greater L.A. (CGLA) produced a landmark report, No Going Back: Together for an Equitable and Inclusive Los Angeles, that shined a light on the disparities in Los Angeles and began to chart a course towards a more equitable L.A. County. This report led to the formation of The Black Experience Action Team (BEAT).

Beginning in January 2021, the BEAT has held intersectional deliberations about the state of Black communities, institutions, and systems across Los Angeles. The result is an upcoming report titled The Path to Justice Runs through Equity: Ending Anti-Black Racism in Los Angeles.

The BEAT delved deeply into many of our community’s aspirations and asked the question, “What does a Los Angeles free of anti-Black racism look like?”

We’ve organized each issue area to include specific requests for each sector: philanthropy, government, nonprofit, and corporate – as it will require the collective action of every Angeleno to ensure that we eradicate anti-Black racism in all of its forms while building an equitable LA where everyone thrives.

We ask you to read, reflect and then take action by taking our #NoGoingBackLA pledge.

“Black Power is giving power to people who have not had power to determine their destiny.”

Multilingual Press Kit

The Black Experience Action Team Members

  • April Verrett
  • Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro
  • Brenda Shockley
  • Charisse Bremond-Weaver
  • Corey Matthews
  • Dr. David Turner
  • Denita Willoughby
  • Derek Steele
  • Dr. Diandra “Dee” Bremond
  • Eddie Anderson
  • Fredericka McGee
  • Janel Bailey
  • Jeffery Wallace
  • Jimar Wilson
  • Joanna Jackson
  • Karen Mack
  • Karim Webb
  • Kristin Sakoda
  • Linda Oubré
  • Mark Wilson
  • Michael Lawson
  • Marsha Bonner
  • Nana Gyamfi
  • Pamela Bakewell
  • Porsha Cropper
  • Rachel Brashier
  • Reginald Webb
  • Renata Simril
  • Rex Richardson
  • Sharon Brown
  • Shimica Gaskin
  • Dr. Va Lecia Adams Kellum
  • Yvonne Wheeler
  • Sam Lewis